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So what you’re saying is;
Pussy is full of bacteria and people have been gaping them with metal devices for thousands of years. Congratulations; you just took all that time to tell us that your pussy is better than a penis, even when full of bacteria and stretched so far that no one ever finds it arousing or satisfying again. Wow, thanks.

Wow, not only are you gross, you’re clearly a ginormous idiot with serious reading comprehension problems. Penises are covered in bacteria. If you don’t find the vagina of any woman who has ever been to a gynecologist arousing or satisfying, congratulations, it’s because your dick is too small. Literally no part of this stated or even implied that vaginas are “better than” penises. What the fuck are you on about?

This is impressive

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TBFP Update

Season 9 is starting this month and I’m working on a new intro for the show. So look forward to that, it’s gonna be pretty awesome!

Three Dimensional Horse update

sunbutt WIP

The Modeling and the Textures are done, but I still gotta rig the body and setup the controls. I’m experimenting with some maya plugins to make the rigging process easier and better.

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